Top 10 Filmmakers Who Can Tackle The Batman Reboot


Duncan Jones

If you’ve been reading the site for a while, you know how much we love Mr. Duncan Jones.

Jones is a very exciting filmmaker. He showed that he can do a lot with a little with his stunning debut Moon and in his sophomore effort Source Code, we saw that just because the director had a bigger budget, it didn’t mean that his vision was compromised. He was able to mix heart, brains and thrills into Source Code and deliver an excellent finished product.

Heart, brains and thrills you say? Hmm, sounds like something that the Bat reboot could use.

Currently, Jones is hard at work on an Ian Fleming biopic and also has a couple other projects in development, but I think he should seriously pursue the Batman reboot.

He was shortlisted for The Wolverine and Man of Steel, so he’s already a popular name in the superhero genre. His unique vision may offer a different take on the franchise, but it would definitely be welcome.

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