Top 10 Moments From Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy


It’s done. Over. Complete. Finished. Finalized. In The Books. Through with.

Which ever way you cut it, Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight Trilogy, which included Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, is now at an end. Never again will Christian Bale suit up as the Caped Crusader and never again will Mr. Nolan step behind the camera to direct what we’ve all come to know as the best superhero series of all time.

So, with that in mind, it’s time to get all sad and teary eyed and reflect on the trilogy as a whole. In particular, let’s look back on the top 10 moments from Christopher Nolan‘s re-defining trilogy and let’s examine what made them so spectacular.

Please note that there will be spoilers for all three films in this article.

*Special thanks to Will Chadwick for his help in putting this together.

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  1. Pixiesays:

    My overall top ten moments from the trilogy (listed film-wise):

    1. Training scene (BB) – “Training is nothing! Will is everything! The will to act”

    2. Every moment involving Scarecrow (BB)

    3. Ending (BB) – Joker calling card (still gives me goosebumps!)

    4. Joker’s entrance (epic) (TDK)

    5. Interrogation Scene (“WHERE ARE THEY???”) (TDK)

    6. Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face (TDK)

    7. Ending (TDK) – “A silent guardian. A watchful protector. A dark knight.”

    8. Plane heist (TDKR)

    9. Stadium explosion (TDKR)

    10. Bane breaks the Bat (TDKR)

  2. Bensays:

    I felt goosebumps during the scene where Bruce escapes the pit. That was a scene of pure epic-ness.

  3. Briansays:

    Batman Begins: Discovery of the Batcave by Bruce Wayne.
    Dark Knight: “Wanna see a magic trick?”
    Dark Knight Rises: ((SPOILER))
    Talia’s story

  4. batman did not die at the end of TDKR. Throughout the movie they talk about “the bats” autopilot. That is how he survived

  5. Ezeeesays:

    What about the entire scene in the Hospital in TDK

    1. Teej_Kapowskisays:

      Especially when Harvey urns over the coin to reveal the distressed side and silently screams. That really got my spine tingling when I saw it the first time.

  6. Blakesays:

    Re: Batman living or dying at the end of TDKR. To me, the most obvious reason he’s actually alive is that the pearls are missing, which he gave to Selena.

  7. yourfriendthepopmastersays:

    imo, saying that the ending of tdkr is ambiguous is a stretch. it just doesn’t seem any clearer that bruce wayne is alive. lucius fox realizes that the auto-pilot on the bat was fixed long before batman had to transport the bomb away from gotham. alfred blatantly sees him with selina in a cafe together. these are both scenes shown towards the end of the film. i have to argue that the strong evidence points to him being alive at the end. all of us should be careful not to read into this film the expectations we have from previous Nolan films. Inception had, without a doubt, an ambiguous ending. TDKR’s just doesn’t have that quality where it seems i can go one way or the other on it, though.

  8. ethansays:

    I am sick of people acting like Bruce Wayne isn’t alive and that Alfred just imagined him at the cafe. This is not Inception people. There aren’t any mind games like that in these Batman movies. Aside from that, I think Talia was the most unnecessary character in this movie ever. She ruined the movie. Especially when we were supposed to be shocked she was Ras al ghul’s child. Anyone that knows anything about Batman saw that coming, let alone care less when we were supposed to feel betrayed by her. Considering the fact she was barely in it. Nolan fanboys think everything he does is a masterpiece, but in reality this movie was just ok.

  9. Nicksays:

    Wayne absolutely survived. Why would Alfred imagine him with Selina? To Alfred, Selina is a crook that stole Wayne’s mom’s necklace, Wayne’s car, and, inadvertently, the entire Wayne fortune (by turning over his fingerprints to Bane). He has no idea that there’s any kind of relationship between the two, as he was out of communication with Wayne for that part of the movie only to return when he was “dead”. Alfred was in Europe tracking down the missing pearls (remember the part about their tracking device?), to find them on the neck of Selina (they’re hard to see but are in fact on her neck), and is amazed to see Bruce Wayne as well. It’s not his imagination.

    As for actually surviving the explosion: Fox mentions to Wayne that he needs to fix the autopilot on the Bat twice, and then at the end his employees tell him that the autopilot was fixed six months ago, by Bruce Wayne. You are, though, made to think that Wayne was still in the Bat with 5 seconds until the bomb goes off, but that’s just wonderful editing- they cut to Wayne, they cut to a couple things back in the city, and they cut to 5… 4… 3… and they cut to the explosion. However, they don’t show the time left on the bomb at any point from when he attaches it to the bat (1:57) to 0:05. You don’t see Wayne in the Bat at 0:05 (although you don’t see his seat vacated, so you still think he’s there), so he could’ve easily ejected. The shot of him in the Bat “with 5 seconds left” could have easily been like 30 seconds left.

  10. Pig Poosays:

    Lucius doesn’t shut down the Bat Cave in The Dark Knight. He shuts down the sonar machine.

  11. The scenes I loved especially (that you didn’t include) were from Batman Begins but they were brief. The first is where Scarecrow gases Batman says he looks like a man who takes himself to seriously (After seeing TDK I remembered Jokers “Why so serious” line) and tells him to “lighten up”. Scarecrow then proceeds to light Batman on fire and like a bat out of hell he jumps for the balcony plummeting a few stories all while completely engulfed in flames. After seeing the Tim Burton movie and the cheesy Batman Forever/ Robin I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this new Batman that came out. But seeing Batman on fire was one of the best imagery I’ve seen from a Batman movie. One of my fav scenes, this and the second one I will mention are very underrated and I don’t hear anyone talk about them as most people mostly remember the Joker

    The second is towards the end when Batman finds Dr.Crane and gases him with fear toxin. Dr. Crane begins hallucinating and sees Batman as a demon oozing tar from his mouth and Batman starts interrogating him. Before I had only seen Batman as being heroic (the Tim Burton movies/comics) or campy (adam west, Schmaucher movies). But I think that was the first I’d viewed him as being frightening to whoever he is after. I was disappointed that Scarecrows fear toxin never made it into the sequels, especially since Scarecrow/Dr.Crane does appear in the other 2

  12. lol in page two it says bank heist- dark knight rises. its from dark knight not rises

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