The Top 10 Movie Posters Of 2012

10. The Amazing Spider-Man

Likely drawing inspiration from the brilliant poster for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace where the young Anakin’s shadow forms the shape of Darth Vader, this poster for The Amazing Spider-Man is one of the better superhero posters we’ve seen.

The way Andrew Garfield is balanced in the corner shows that he already has his Spidey powers, and the shadow forms the leaner, sleeker logo that Marc Webb’s trilogy opted for. While no part of Garfield’s body actually forms the lower four legs, that imagery shows the 4 limbs becoming 8, and the upper half is perfectly formed by the way his arms and legs are positioned.

The poster also doesn’t feature the title. The choice to make “The Untold Story” the prominent text is bold, especially because everyone thought they already knew how the origin story of Spider-man is done, but that choice is definitely fitting for the film, as there is still much of the story still untold and questions unanswered.

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