The Top 10 Movie Trailers Of 2013

10) The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer

Wolf of Wall STreet

Any Martin Scorsese movie is an event, so the first look at his newest projects always comes stinging with fan anticipation. The first trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street though made some of the filmmaker’s dearest admirers step back. The trailer shows off a surprisingly high quotient of absurd humour, something Scorsese is not synonymous with. However, the cheeky moments are even funnier (and more refreshing) when coming at the end of quickly edited montages of money, parties, girls, fast cars and nice suits.

One could say that using Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” was a bizarre song choice for a trailer of a film that likely doesn’t touch on race relations. Still, the film is about a megalomaniacal stockbroker, Jordan Belfort. Who better to represent the man’s hunger for power, money and attention than the rapper who titled his last album Yeezus? To me, this film looks like Martin Scorsese’s beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy, an absorbing piece of sex and drug-fueled mayhem and this early trailer made us want to thump our chests like cavemen to see even more.