Testosterone Overload: Top Ten Films To Pump You Up

10. The Warriors

Nothing like a little gang warfare and brotherhood to get the juices flowing right?

Walter Hill’s 1979 brawler classic takes place in a time where street gangs rule New York City, making violence a part of everyday life. All that each gang has is trust and honor and nothing gets the testosterone levels amped like good old fashion bro love.

The Warriors itself expands further upon simple turf warfare scuffles, as our main characters must fight against every other rival gang on their journey back to Coney Island, fleeing from false persecution.

Could you imagine having to wrestle through countless hordes of colorful gang members with your closest friends, thrown into the heat of battle with no one but your “brothers” to count on? Psh – hell yeah we can, which makes The Warriors a fantastical scenario that is worth hours of drunken bar room discussion amongst buds.

Playing more like a Streets of Rage button masher, The Warriors comradery and bad boy lifestyle cements it as one of the great macho movies of all time.