Testosterone Overload: Top Ten Films To Pump You Up

9. Green Street Hooligans

Keeping with The Warrior‘s theme, Green Street Hooligans mixes similar gang foolery with loyal sports fan extremism. Hello uber testosterone boost!

Overseas, soccer – or REAL football for you Europeans – exists as more than just an entertaining past time. Over there, soccer is a way of life, incomparable to any sports culture in the US. Just as in war, soldiers (fans) pick factions (teams) and offer their undying support, so far as to defend their beloved generals (players) honor through violent gang warfare.

The brotherhood and gangland fist fighting is one thing, but Green Street Hooligans cranks testosterone levels up to 11 by adding in the competitive nature of sports. In America, you’ll typically only find short drunken brawls after some fan hears a rival call Sidney Crosby a pretty boy pansy who can’t take a big boy hit, or something of that nature. In England, such a comment would literally start a war on a riot police level between supporters.

After my first viewing of Green Street Hooligans, I was ready to jump on a plane and devote my life to being a soccer hooligan, jealous of the hard knuckled lifestyle. Drinking, fighting, competition, passion? Such a simple yet completely heart pounding lifestyle. Sure, director Lexi Alexander may have livened up the action for entertainment purposes, but I ate up every single minute of it.