Adam A. Donaldson’s 10 Worst Films Of 2014



Not only in this the time of year where we look back and remember with fondness the best that cinema had to offer, but it’s that time of the year when we also look back with dread to recall the worst. Just as every year has its share of quality flicks, there is an equal and opposite portion of terrible films from 2014 that for one reason or another turned out horribly. It might have been the acting, the directing, the script, the pacing, the special effects, or the source material, but on screen, it all ends up the same: 90 to 120 minutes you’d have much rather spent doing anything else.

In 2014, the worst of the year covered sequels and adaptations, superheroes and secret agents, gooey romances and horrid horrors. On the one hand, robots battled across the planet for no reason, and on the other, an evil board game come to life. Speaking of coming to life, so did the computers, controlled by a super-intelligence with murky and implausible motivations. Also implausible was the coming of the Biblical Anti-Christ in what has to be the most wooden end of the world ever put to cinema screens.

A whole lot of talent was wasted to bring you all these various works. Millions of dollars were squandered and hours of time, effort and energy exhausted to bring you these fine offerings that went the extra mile to earn the term “Hollywood hogwash.”

For your consideration, here are the Top 10 Worst Films of 2014.

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