Five Directors Who Should Take On Star Wars: Episode 7

Rian Johnson

Looper showed that Rian Johnson can work with futuristic sci-fi concepts, but would that translate to a long time ago and a galaxy far away? It would certainly be a different vibe than the film would have with a more space-focused sci-fi director and where Johnson is strongest is in character development.

While the Star Wars films have cool effects and an awesome story, people fell in love with the characters and therefore the films. That’s where Johnson would be excellent for the series. He’s shown the ability to create realistic, multi-dimensional characters, which is incredibly important for the amount of new characters these films will likely be bringing in.

Johnson also works well at balancing humor and more serious moments in his films, which is something that many of the major sci-fi directors fall short on. What would Star Wars be without its funnier, light moments? Johnson is also incredible at getting the best out of his actors, coaxing some phenomenal performances from established and not-so-established actors. The problem here is whether Johnson would want to work with something he didn’t write, but if he agreed, he would make an excellent Episode 7.

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