7 Great Spinoff Suggestions For The X-Men Franchise


Last week, 20th Century Fox finally released the first trailer for Deadpool (which you can watch above) to great fan acclaim. It looks like the film will be a winner not only for Ryan Reynolds, who has long been in search of a superhero franchise to call his own, but for Fox itself, which has long been looking for ways to do with X-Men what Marvel Studios has done with the Avengers.

There’s still a while to go though until Deadpool hits theatres, and only then will we know if Fox was successful. If they are though, will they push ahead with further X-Men spinoffs? Fans of the franchise surely know that there are hundreds of mutant characters and thousands of stories that can be told with them, and the X-Men films that we’ve seen so far has only scratched the surface.

Here, there, are 7 ideas as to where Fox can, if they’re willing to, take the X-Men franchise next.