The Top Ten Greatest Indiana Jones Scenes


The complete Indiana Jones collection arrives on Blu-Ray today for the very first time, causing fans like me to rejoice. Few sets of films deserve the high-definition treatment as much as Steven Spielberg’s incredible adventure saga, and to finally have these classics in the best format possible is a dream come true.

In honor of the release, I have put together a list of my ten favorite scenes in the Indiana Jones trilogy. I say trilogy not because I hate Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – I actually think it’s a decent, if extremely flawed adventure film – but because the first three installments have more memorable set pieces, standoffs, and character moments than I can count, and Crystal Skull, well…doesn’t.

No matter. The original trilogy provides more than enough fun to go around, and that’s what we’re celebrating today. These are the Ten Best Scenes in the ‘Indiana Jones’ Series.


Honorable Mention: Indy Shoots the Crazy Swordsman in Raiders 

While this fifteen-second standoff is too brief to make the main Top Ten list, it absolutely deserves mention as the funniest, most audacious moment in the franchise. While chasing Belloq’s men through the streets of Cairo, an exasperated Indiana Jones encounters an unnervingly enthusiastic swordsman. We think Indy will pull off a cool stunt with his whip to disarm the man, but instead, he wearily guns down the assailant in one shot.

It’s a tremendous moment of action movie perfection, and the behind-the-scenes story is fascinating. It turns out Harrison Ford had been instructed to a complicated whip stunt and disarm the guy, but as he – like much of the cast and crew – was sick from local food poisoning, he suggested taking a simpler route, and film history was made.

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