7 Reasons That Toy Story 4 Is A Good Idea

7) New Toys!

Toy Story new toys

It may go without saying, but a new film obviously means it’s time for viewers to be treated to even more new toys. The series has always found itself with a superb cast of characters full of toys that have been capturing the imagination of viewers for years. Whether they’re influenced by real-life examples or unique, original designs from the creative teams, there’s hardly been a dud among them.

In the most recent feature length release, the new toys actually replaced many of the older ones from the first two and did so with aplomb. It’s a safe bet that Toy Story 4 will add plenty more such toys to support the series’ long-serving stalwarts.

6) The Shorts Have Been Great

Toy story rex p

There’s been no shortage of Toy Story action since the end of Andy’s trilogy in 2010. Various short films have been released in the following years, giving a glimpse into the lives of everyone’s favourite characters in their new home with Bonnie. From a spoof on the classic, suspenseful horror movie to an all out rave, these short features have been full of the action, comedy and even drama that viewers will have come to love from the series at large.

The fact that these shorts have been so entertaining gives plenty of reason for optimism for the upcoming progression with Toy Story 4. The series is showing no signs of labouring with age, and it’s clear that there is more than enough story material out there to ensure a new full-length addition will be far more than just lip service or, worse still, a cash-in on a classic series.

The content should more than justify the continuation…