First Trailer For The Hunger Games

Here it is: the highly anticipated “first look” promised by MTV of The Hunger Games. The video is introduced by star Jennifer Lawrence, who took a break from filming to film this bit. Although the trailer is short, it reminds me very much of the book, and it gives away just the right amount of information that a teaser trailer should.

In the trailer, we see Katniss (Lawrence) walking through the woods with her signature bow and arrow. It seems that she may just be hunting back at home at first, but then she starts running. While fire starts to reign down on Katniss, which is one of the traps of the games, there is a voiceover from Gale (Liam Hemsworth).

I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that the speech we hear Gale saying is really what he says to Katniss right after she is chosen for the games. Gale was always kind of Katniss’s mentor, among other things, and he is sure to give her as much advice as he can before she is sent to the arena.

I could’ve done with a bit more Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), but this promo is pretty cool. We see part of the games, hear Liam Hemsworth do a pretty good job of a Gale speech, and we even get to see Katniss shoot her bow and arrow.

That pretty much sums up the first Hunger Games trailer. Satisfied?