‘Train to Busan’ remake ‘The Last Train to New York’ gets a release date

Fans of the original were less than enthused when it was confirmed that not only is an English-language remake of modern classic Train to Busan definitely happening, but it had been christened with the rather uninspiring moniker of The Last Train to New York.

Given how spectacularly the concept turned out in the hands of original filmmaker Yeon Sang-Ho, there’s really no justifiable reason whatsoever to reinvent something that’s already incredible, especially when it’s exceedingly unlikely that The Last Train to New York will come close to recapturing what made Train to Busan so special.


Even Sang-Ho voiced his skepticism, revealing in a recent interview that there’s no point in the project even existing if it’s only going to retrace what he’s already done. The Night Comes for Us and Headshot director Timo Tjahjanto’s presence behind the camera is reassuring, though, and The Last Train to New York has now taken a massive step forward.

As per Deadline, the redux will speed into theaters on April 21, 2023, which presumably means that casting announcements aren’t too far away. So far, Tjahjanto, writer Gary Dauberman and producer James Wan are the only names attached, but evidently not for long given that The Last Train to New York is coming to the big screen in sixteen months.