8 Things You Need To See In The Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer

8) King Arthur And Nazis

The trailer starts with something new, as it moves away from the contemporary setting of previous movies and takes a trip back in time. First up, things take a turn for the mythological as we see Dinobots flying over the glens of Scotland in Arthurian times. It’s nice to see the Dinobots back, after they were underused in the last movie Age of Extinction, and mixing alien robots in with medieval fantasy should give a fresh twist to proceedings.

The setting then moves along a few hundred years and we see an unseen force blow up a Nazi-occupied building, presumably during World War II. “It has been said through the ages: without sacrifice there can be no victory,” recites Anthony Hopkins. “Two species at war. One flesh, one metal.”

Apparently, humans and Cybertronians have been fighting each other throughout time and we just never knew about it. This could open up some interesting new areas for the Transformers franchise to explore – after all, there are already plans for future spinoffs to be set in different historical periods. At the very least, it should mean that we get some cool actions sequences featuring Transformers taking on Medieval knights and Nazis.