Twitter Mocks Chris Pratt After Marvel Reveals Star-Lord As Bisexual

Chris Pratt

When Chris Pratt wasn’t one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe stars announced to be taking part in a virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, in the eyes of social media, that instantly made him a conservative Republican homophobic racist. Quite how those dots were connected is anyone’s guess, though, especially when the actor has never revealed his political beliefs and even donated to Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election bid. Meanwhile, he also publicly distanced himself from the views of his church by saying he’s represented by his personal values and not his religious affiliation.

That being said, someone has to shoulder the burden of being named the worst Chris in Hollywood, and with Hemsworth, Evans and Pine never putting a foot wrong in the eyes of their supporters, the Jurassic World star has been awarded the unwanted distinction.

In the ninth issue of Marvel Comics’ current Guardians of the Galaxy run, it was revealed that Star-Lord is bisexual after he had a tryst with a humanoid alien couple and as you can imagine, Twitter positively revelled in the news.

Many of Pratt’s co-stars rushed to his defense the other month after he was singled out for criticism, including Robert Downey Jr., who also wasn’t part of the aforementioned fundraiser but never faced any sort of backlash over it. And as fun as it would be to see Jack Black replace the former Parks and Recreation star in every single role of his like many people were calling for, it’s always important to separate the artist from the art.

In any case, it hasn’t had any effect on Chris Pratt‘s career, and he’s got blockbuster sequels Jurassic World: Dominion, Thor: Love and Thunder and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on the horizon along with sci-fi actioner The Tomorrow War. So, suffice it to say, even despite the constant internet backlash, he’s still doing more than alright for himself.