Unconfirmed Rumor: Prometheus Sequel In Development

The Nexus News is reporting that Prometheus 2 is in the works. The desired date for release is around 2014/2015 but in the worst case scenario, it might take as long as 2017. If everything goes well, filming might even begin later this year. Apparently, director Ridley Scott is in the planning stages right now and is trying to figure out how to achieve certain special effects and how to go about filming the whole thing.

The plan is to have the Prometheus sequel answer many questions asked in the first film and follow the two main storylines that were left dangling. According to rumours, we would see where David and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw venture when they flew off at the end of the film and discover what they find, as well as a storyline which concerns the Elder Engineers, that were cut from Prometheus.

While a sequel may answer a few questions that Prometheus posed, even more will be asked in order to set up Prometheus 3, which would round out a trilogy that Damon Lindelof and Ridley Scott have had discussions about. The plan they have in place is to diverge further away from Alien in a Prometheus sequel, but then bring it back into the franchise for the third film.

The journey for this material is definitely not yet over and if both Scott and Lindelof can find the balance between entertainment and ideas that they found in Prometheus, then there is much to be excited about. Of course, Scott has a lot to clear off his slate before he gets to this, The Counselor, a re-team with Michael Fassbender with a script by Cormac McCarthy, being chief among them and then there’s other projects he has in development too. Plus, the 75 year old director isn’t getting any younger.

Please remember though that all of this is just a rumor and nothing has been confirmed by the studio yet. Although, I suspect it won’t be long before FOX officially announces this.

As always, we will post more news on the situation as it arises.