Not Greasy Enough: 2016’s Most Disturbing Movie Moments

Dirty Business (Train To Busan)

Characters in horror movies are often defined by one or two spotty decisions (typically bad ones that get themselves killed), but Train To Busan features one of the most savage dystopian villains of late. Had he been a cartoon character, Kim Eui-Sung’s selfish businessman would have twirled the world’s most devilish mustache (Dick Dastardly x100).

Why? Well, because Eui-Sung doesn’t only get one other character killed, or three other characters. No. A host of bodies pile up as he attempts to use other passengers as zombie bait without remorse. Survival is priority number one, even if it means dooming multiple main characters. How could a human be so cold, heartless and detached? It sends chills up your spine based on how light his actions weigh.

When Hell comes to earth, true demons show their faces. Turns out one was already among the living.