Venom Blu-Ray Cover And Release Date Revealed


Say what you will about the new Venom movie, but the Ruben Fleischer-helmed flick proved once and for all that Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock needs neither good reviews nor his old foe Spider-Man to be commercially viable in his own right.

The film’s respectable CinemaScore of B+ also indicates that viewer’s remorse was relatively low among the feature’s surprisingly large audience. This suggests that there’ll be a fair few fans looking to pick up Venom on physical format, and they’ll be able to do so from December 18th when the movie becomes available on 4K UHD and standard Blu-Ray. For those curious, we offer an early look at the cover art for each, and while the ordinary Bly-Ray version is nothing special, it must be said that the Ultra HD package offers one mighty fine illustration.

On top of that, Sony has come out with a tongue-in-cheek trailer for Venom’s home release, which presents Eddie’s relationship with the symbiote as the subject of a Christmas rom-com, complete with a passionate kiss:

Regardless of whether you plan to revisit Eddie’s first standalone outing from the comfort of your living room, it’s clear that there are more stories to be told for both the character and the wider world he occupies. In fact, according to one recent report, Sony has already set a pair of 2020 release dates for some new Marvel adaptations, one of which is thought to be Venom 2, and the other of which just might be the planned Morbius movie, or at least another entry in Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters.

In any case, such plans are still a while away from properly taking shape, but in the meantime, you’ll be able to revisit the interplanetary love story that is Venom when the film comes to Digital on December 11th, followed by the Blu-ray release on December 18th.