Why Sony Needs To Let Venom Go


Spider-Man 3′s Mistakes

Oh, Spider-Man 3 broke my heart. I don’t think any other comic book-related film crushed me more than this $250 million turd. With all the marketing promising the black suit and the big screen debut of Venom, this movie pulled the rug out from under us and put the final nail in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise.

Apart from Emo Parker’s hip-swinging in the streets and the whole Sa(n)dman plot, the biggest disappointment was Venom’s shoehorned appearance in the final act. While we had a decent enough introduction to Eddie Brock, his turn as a villain was far too quick and unmemorable. What should’ve taken place over two films was unfortunately jammed into one.

That said, Spider-Man 3 had two prior outings to establish Peter Parker before introducing his nemesis, which makes perfect sense. With the current cinematic iteration of the character still being in high school and early in his superhero career, the introduction of Venom isn’t logical. Heck, we don’t even know if Peter’s working for The Daily Bugle yet. This is why a standalone film sounds strange at the moment. Why would you introduce a villain in his own film so soon in a universe? Learn from Suicide Squads mistakes, Sony.

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