Tom Hardy Reportedly Had A Meltdown On Venom’s Set And Stormed Off


Though the new Venom movie is on course for a record-breaking opening weekend and has earned the approval of many a filmgoer, the alien symbiote’s first standalone outing has also suffered its share of criticism, and we’re not just talking about bad reviews.

According to a source at the Daily Mail, the film’s own star Tom Hardy had a brief meltdown last year on the set of the comic book movie after finding faults with the script. The actor was reportedly heard shouting:

“You guys have got to sort this out. I am not saying this stuff. It doesn’t make sense.”

The source claims that Hardy then stormed off set and refused to come back until his lines were changed. Moreover, the incident is described as the culmination of several days of Hardy seeming on edge while complaining about parts of the shoot. In particular, it’s said that the actor was worried that the movie wasn’t going to be the true homage to the comic books that fans wanted.

While such gossip should probably be taken with a grain of salt, Hardy would hardly be the only one to have a problem with Venom’s script, and for many fans, the PG-13 rating alone would be enough to validate concerns that the movie doesn’t do the comics justice.

Moreover, the star recently raised a few red flags when he suggested that all of his favorite scenes were cut from the eventual film. Though Hardy subsequently clarified this statement, explaining that he was simply referring to improvised scenes that he, as a performer, enjoyed doing, it’s hard to shake the feeling that the actor may have been a little more honest than Sony would’ve wanted.

But regardless of what Hardy thinks of Venom, the film’s now out in theaters for anyone to judge for themselves. And given the feature’s current box office performance, it’s quite possible that we haven’t seen the last of Hardy’s take on Eddie Brock.