Venom: His Best Versions And Which Would Translate Well To Film


With Spider-Man: Homecoming media saturating the web, the news of a Venom movie has been temporarily taken out of the spotlight. But with more recent rumors regarding Adi Shankar’s potential involvement, it raises questions about possible storylines and which direction the studio could head in for the future films.

There have been multiple versions of Venom over the years, all with different stories. Starting as an alien costume bound to Spider-Man, his rejection led to the costume bonding with other hosts. This allowed for Venom to take on multiple forms and personalities over the years with a few shared similarities.

When it comes to the upcoming spinoff, this provides numerous routes that can be taken in regards to origin, appearance, and identity. But from the character’s past to present, there’s quite a bit of source material. With so many choices and so little runtime, which version of Venom would translate best to film?