6 New Video On Demand Movies That You Need To Check Out

All Is Bright

This is an exciting time for film lovers, as Oscar movies start to hit theaters and you know that any trip to the local cinema is almost certain to produce a memorable, entertaining and potentially deeply affecting experience. But for folks outside of the largest of centers where these movies tend to be released first, it also means a lot of waiting.

While the big anticipated Oscar-caliber movies tend to find their ways to most theaters eventually, some lesser known gems come and go very quickly and are easy to miss, if they even arrive in your city at all.

This is yet another thing that makes video on demand so valuable. For often the same cost or less than a movie ticket, you can watch new releases that are just arriving at the metropolitan theaters from your own home, wherever that may be. And sometimes you’re just not in the mood to try to watch Tom Hanks where a bunch of little cell phone screens are simultaneously flashing you in the face, or the people behind you are trying to figure out what motivated someone to do something three scenes ago.

But my favorite thing about having same-time on-demand releases of new movies is that they’re instantaneous. So on that note, here are 6 video on demand titles you can watch at home right now instead of having to fight theater crowds.

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