Another Villain For Spider-Man 3 Has Reportedly Been Revealed


There’s no doubt about it, Spider-Man 3 is going to be the biggest Spidey movie of all time. Tom Holland’s wall-crawler will have his work cut out for him, facing off against at least Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus. Even if he does have Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange on his side. We’re all expecting the villain team-up to lead to the formation of the Sinister Six, of course, and we may now know who half of the group are if this latest bit of info proves to be true.

Following on from the news that Molina is reprising Otto Octavius from Spider-Man 2 in the threequel, one fan asked insider Daniel Richtman on Twitter whether he’d heard anything about Kraven the Hunter appearing as well, and you can see what the tipster had to say in response below:

Of course, Kraven has long been suspected to be making his live-action debut in Spider-Man 3. From the fact that he’s the next major comic book villain yet to appear in the movies to director Jon Watts teasing his presence in the past, it just makes sense. He’s also strong enough to be the central antagonist of the pic on his own, let alone as part of a mega-villain alliance, so that likely means this would be the first appearance out of many for him.

Sony has got a Kraven solo vehicle at some stage of development as well and with the newfound interconnectedness of the MCU and the SPUMC, this will presumably star the same version of the foe from the upcoming threequel. Furthermore, various actors have been linked to or recommended for the role over the years, ranging from Gerard Butler to Jason Momoa, and we imagine that whoever snags the part in the end will be a pretty big name.

In any case, if Kraven is indeed making his MCU debut in Spider-Man 3which comes out next December and is shooting now, expect some further news about it in the near future.