Vin Diesel Reportedly Wants Amber Heard In Fast & Furious Franchise


The only project Amber Heard has on her upcoming schedule is blockbuster DCEU sequel Aquaman 2, and Johnny Depp supporters are already plotting a boycott of James Wan and Jason Momoa’s return to Atlantis after Warner Bros. opted to keep her on board as Mera but forcibly asked her ex-husband to resign as the Fantastic Beasts franchise’s Grindelwald.

Meanwhile, fans were overjoyed when the Zack Snyder’s Justice League finally arrived on HBO Max, but the actress’ increased screen time inevitably drew the ire of many social media users. But as much as Depp loyalists would love to hear otherwise, until the outcome of the warring former couple’s next major court battle, her career is far from over.

In the interim, Heard has found herself linked to innumerable movies and TV shows, some of which stretch credulity to its limits. The latest bout of speculative casting comes from insider Daniel Richtman, who offers that Vin Diesel is seeking to find a role for the 35 year-old in a future Fast & Furious effort, although the tipster doesn’t expound any further, so that’s the extent of his purported intel.

Obviously, we should point out that Richtman has previously claimed Heard was in talks for Margot Robbie’s Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff, Fantastic Four‘s Sue Storm, an unnamed Disney princess that may or may not be Rapunzel, a part in the expanded Star Wars universe, a solo Mera series on HBO Max, a Drive Angry sequel with Nicolas Cage, multiple Netflix projects and an Oscar-caliber role, none of which have come close to being confirmed or even materializing as of yet, so there’s no point in getting too worked up over the prospect of seeing her blow sh*t up with Diesel and the gang in a Fast & Furious movie until more details emerge.