The World’s Rarest Star Wars Toy Is Now Selling For $225,000

Boba Fett

The seemingly inexpensive world of plastic action figures has made some people a ton of money. Star Wars toys in particular have always been highly sought after. And now, a new item is set to earn the distinction of being one of the most expensive Star Wars toys currently on sale.

A listing for a vintage Boba Fett action figure has appeared on eBay with an eye-watering price tag of $225,000. The toy was originally designed by Kenner and was intended for release in 1979, but this true-blue Stars Wars trooper came with a missile-firing jetpack that was deemed a choking hazard. As a result, the prototype was scrapped and a non-firing version was released to the mass market. If your mother threw away one of these, you have every right to be upset.

Only a handful of this version of the toy remain out of the 80 to 100 prototypes that were created and the last one sold for $185,850, beating out an earlier record of $112,926. But if this listing sells for its asking price, a new record will be set. And just in case your pockets run that deep, this is what the listing says:

Here it is. One of the true grails of Vintage Star Wars with amazing provenance. I only could put up 12 pictures so if truly interested there are more photos to share. I’ve also included a link to a YouTube video talking about this exact example. The item is currently in Dubai and will be shipped fully insured or even better arrangements to meet up in person can be made. I brokered the piece last time and the buyer has asked me to do so for him again now.

Star Wars toys are still being produced by the boatload, and now might be a great time to pick up the strangest ones and store them away as prospective future investments. Might we suggest this adorable, yet functional, recreation of The Child (or Baby Yoda, as he’s more commonly known)?

Even if the Rocket Firing Boba Fett toy seems out of reach, take some consolation in the fact that we’re getting a new season of The Mandalorian as soon as October. And it sounds like we’ll also get to see a walking, talking version of Fett in the next run.