Where’s Waldo? A Theater Near You

MGM has acquired the rights to Where’s Waldo, so to every Waldo-enthusiast who’s been pining to answer the question “where’s Waldo,” you finally have an answer. Waldo will be coming to a theater near you, as a live-action family adventure film.

The Where’s Waldo movie was originally reported to be about Waldo himself, “a thirty-something who accidentally activates a malfunctioning time machine, sending him to various locations around the world and in different time periods,” but there have been no recent updates or confirmations.

Honestly, this only seems appropriate at this point, seeing as how there are trailers out for Battleship, and there’s even a Monopoly film in the works. The book series was first published in 1987, but I still saw a ton of guys dressed as Waldo this Halloween. In a world where we’re on the third Alvin and the Chipmunks film, why not Where’s Waldo?

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