The Walking Dead Movies Will Reportedly Be Hard R-Rated

The Walking Dead

A couple of years ago, Andrew Lincoln made his last appearance on The Walking Dead and we learned that he was set to reprise his role as Rick Grimes in his own trilogy of spinoff films. Obviously, much has changed for the post-apocalyptic franchise since then – for one, the parent show is now due to conclude in 2022 – but the first of Lincoln’s movies has still yet to enter production and there’s no real indication of when we’ll see it. However, we’re now hearing that when it does eventually arrive, it won’t hold back.

Insider Daniel Richtman has taken to his Patreon account to share that the trilogy will be hard R-rated, which presumably means lots of violence, blood and gore. And we imagine that TWD fans wouldn’t have it any other way. Unfortunately, the tipster doesn’t offer up anything else, but if true, then this is certainly encouraging to hear.

Plot-wise, we’ve been told that the trilogy will kick off sometime after Rick was taken away from Virginia by Jadis/Anne on behalf of the CRM (Civic Republic Military), a group that we’ve learned a lot more about on The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It seems likely that Danai Gurira will feature in the movies, too, after her own exit from the parent series. Though as of yet, that remains unconfirmed.

In any case, we certainly have high hopes for whatever it is that AMC’s cooking up and while we wait to learn more, we can look forward to The Walking Dead returning for six brand new episodes this coming February. Maybe they’ll even drop some hints about what the Rick Grimes trilogy will entail? Fingers crossed.