Warner Bros. Confirms Ben Affleck Still Set To Star In The Batman


It’s been a very, very busy day for the Caped Crusader, with news hitting the web at an alarming rate. First off, the final piece of The Batman directing saga finally fell into place as we heard that Matt Reeves had apparently changed his mind, signing on to produce and helm the film after walking away from it last week. Striking while the iron was still hot, Warner Bros. then announced that they’re developing a Nightwing movie with Chris McKay attached.

That’s enough to send any Batfan into a frenzy, but the rollercoaster ride doesn’t end there, as we’re now hearing that despite rumors to the contrary, Ben Affleck remains on board to star in The Batman. For months now, there had been speculation that he might walk, and while he still may after this outing is over, it seems that for the time being at least, he’ll suit up once again as the Dark Knight for the solo film.

The confirmation comes to us from Fandango’s Erik Davis, who spoke with WB after fans started freaking out because the actor wasn’t mentioned in the press release sent out about Reeves earlier today. That was likely just to keep the focus on the news at hand – which was that the movie finally had a director – but it was enough to have people concerned. Thankfully, the worrying was for nothing, as Affleck is still on board and ready to go.

Could it be that The Batman is finally out of the choppy waters it’s found itself in since the start of the year? Quite possibly, and with a star and director now locked in, we fully expect things to pick up significantly as it heads towards production. We’ll remain cautiously optimistic, as anything can happen (especially in the DCEU), but for now, it looks like the project is in a stable state and we can only hope that it remains that way.

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