Warner Bros. Reportedly Developing Johnny Cage Mortal Kombat Spinoff

Mortal Kombat

This April’s Mortal Kombat reboot might not have received critical acclaim, but fans mostly loved it and it turned out to be a major hit on HBO Max. Warner Bros. is likely going to press ahead with their plans to continue the franchise, then, not just with a sequel or two but also various spinoffs. The recent movie was clearly made with follow-ups in mind as it held off on introducing one of the video game universe’s most beloved characters: Johnny Cage.

We’re pretty sure that Cage is coming in Mortal Kombat 2, but it’s also looking like the studio has bigger ambitions when it comes to the Hollywood stuntman. We’re hearing from our sources – the same ones who previously told us about the recently released Mortal Kombat Legends animated movie before that was announced – that Warner Bros. is in the process of developing a solo project for Cage.

That’s about all we can say for the moment, so there’s no word yet on who could actually bring the character to life. Linden Ashby played the role in 1995’s Mortal Kombat, with Chris Conrad replacing him for 1997 sequel Annihilation. Joel McHale, meanwhile, voiced Cage in the two recent Mortal Kombat Legends animated films. Wrestler The Miz has previously made it known that he wants the gig, winning the approval of franchise co-creator Ed Boon in the process.

Our intel has suggested, however, that WB wants to model the character on Ryan Reynolds. Not that this necessarily means Reynolds is their top choice for the role, as he’s one of the busiest people in Hollywood, but it does mean they want Cage to be portrayed in a Reynolds-esque way by an actor of a similar type. This does indicate that they are hunting for an actor of pre-established fame, though.

Strangely, WB hasn’t actually officially announced Mortal Kombat 2 yet, which likely tells us they’re still working out exactly the best way to proceed with the brand. It’s possible that the franchise’s future could see it move exclusively to HBO Max.