Watch: New Fast & Furious 9 Trailer Hypes The Return Of Dom’s Crew

Fast & Furious 9

Blockbuster action sequel Fast & Furious 9 was one of the first major releases to be pulled from the calendar as the Coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe, and it’s finally set to hit the big screen fourteen months later than intended when Dominic Toretto and his family roar back into theaters on June 21st.

Under normal circumstances, the ninth installment in the hugely popular franchise would comfortably sail past a billion dollars at the box office, but there are no guarantees that business will have returned to normal by then. However, it’s still set to pull in a massive amount of money, especially when the lucrative Chinese market is back up and running, with the previous two entries both earning over $390 million in that one territory alone.

It’s also setting up the grand finale, with Justin Lin set to direct the tenth and eleventh Fast & Furious movies, which will draw the main saga to a close. There’s also the repeated teases from several key cast members that F9 will finally realize a long-held ambition for fans and take things to outer space, which is so absurdly ridiculous that it’s going to be awesome.

At this point, you already know if you’re in or out for Fast & Furious 9, and the latest trailer isn’t going to change your mind in the slightest looking at the vehicular carnage on display. It’s big, loud, dumb, stupid and bombastic, which in this case is meant as a glorious compliment. It’s a brand shamelessly built on nothing but fan service and upping the ante, and the sort of ludicrous escapism provided by the franchise is something audiences have been crying out to see for the longest time.