Watch: Finch Trailer Reveals Tom Hanks’ Upcoming Sci-Fi Drama


America’s Dad looks to have found a new surrogate family in AppleTV+’s upcoming drama Finch, which is poised to be a serious awards season contender if the first trailer is any indication.

The high concept drama was sold off by Universal last year, and Apple look to have found a real winner, as if we expected anything else from the mighty Tom Hanks. The actor was vocally against the idea of his World War II passion project Greyhound skipping theaters eighteen months ago, but he’s clearly softened his stance since then.

The two-time Academy Award winner plays the title character, an inventor and one of the last surviving humans following a cataclysmic event. Living in an underground bunker with his trusted canine companion, Finch builds an android to keep his dog company in the event of his death.

The unlikely trio then set out on a perilous and potentially deadly trip across the American West, seeking what it means to be alive. In all honesty; Finch looks fantastic. It’s got Hanks, a dog and a comic relief robot in a post-apocalyptic Western that boasts equal parts heart, humanity and humor, what else could you possibly ask for?

Finch premieres on November 5th, where it’ll look to make a splash with critics to establish itself as one of the year’s marquee prestige dramas, but we can almost certainly expect the leading man to be right in the thick of the Best Actor conversation regardless of what the reviews say.