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Watch: First full trailer for Rob Zombie’s ‘The Munsters’ teases… a love story?

That's... not what we expected.

A month after dropping the first teaser for his upcoming reboot of the iconic 1960s sitcom, Rob Zombie has now unveiled the full trailer for The Munsters… and it’s not what we expected. When the legendary horror director was revealed to be helming a new take on the monstrous family, fans expected him to offer an R-rated, gore-filled take on the property. But it actually looks like he’ll be sticking closely to the shamelessly goofy tone of the original show.

In fact, the trailer — which Zombie first shared on his Instagram, although you can catch it above — even goes so far as to pitch the film as a love story. Albeit a love story between a vampire and a Frankenstein’s Monster. Yes, it’s clear that The Munsters reboot will reveal the clan’s origins story, unveiling how the world’s weirdest couple actually come together in the first place rather than portraying them as an established family unit, as is traditional.

Jeff Daniel Phillips (3 From Hell) is playing Herman Munster, with Zombie’s IRL wife and frequent leading lady Sheri Moon Zombie (The House of 1000 Corpses) as Lily. Daniel Roebuck (Final Destination), meanwhile, plays Grandpa Munster, who it turns out initially hated his son-in-law. The supporting cast includes Jorge Garcia (Lost), Sylvester McCoy (The Hobbit), Richard Brake (Game of Thrones), and Cassandra “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark” Peterson.

It’s not a complete surprise that Zombie elected to recreate the feel of the OG Munsters so faithfully as the filmmaker has included fans in every stage of the pre/production process on social media, which always made clear that the costuming and sets would be pitch-perfect matches for the classic show. A few familiar faces from the ’60s may even show up, as will some obscure guest characters.

Like the trailer says, The Munsters is coming this September. Expect it to premiere simultaneously in both theaters and on Peacock.

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