Rob Zombie confirms yet another OG ‘Munsters’ character for his reboot with new image

The Munsters
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Rob Zombie initially seemed like a bizarre choice to helm Universal’s Munsters reboot as the filmmaker’s resume full of R-rated horror flicks seemed like poor preparation to direct a new version of the family-friendly 1960s sitcom. And yet Zombie has proven himself to be a die-hard devotee of the original series as he’s made clear that his new movie will be steeped in Munsters lore and bring back countless elements from the classic show.

As production progresses, Zombie has been constantly sharing set photos, sneak peeks, and cast reveals on his Instagram. The latest confirms that an obscure character from the comedy will be following the eponymous freaky family onto the big screen. The director has revealed that horror movie TV host Zombo will appear.

“After 56 years! The man… the myth… the legend returns! The one and only ZOMBO!” Zombie wrote in his caption. He elected not to identify who is playing the part, however, and it’s hard to tell who it might be underneath all that Halloween make-up in this pic.

The Munsters stars Zombie’s frequent collaborators Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, and Daniel Roebuck as Lily, Herman, and Grandpa Munster, respectively. The supporting cast, meanwhile, includes such familiar faces as Richard Brake, Sylvester McCoy, Jorge Garcia, and Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson. Other recent additions to the cast include Jeremy Wheeler, Roderick Hill, and Mark Griffiths as Mr. Gateman, Mr. Goodbury, and Mr. Graves, the bosses of the funeral parlor where Herman works.

Munsters fans will also be pleased to know that it looks like original stars Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) and Pat Priest (Marylin Munster) will have cameo roles in the film. Zombie has confirmed that he’s bucking his usual style for this one and the reboot will sport a PG certificate. It’s set to release simultaneously in theaters and on Peacock, hopefully in time for this Halloween.

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