Watch: New King’s Man Trailer Teases An Action-Packed Kingsman Prequel


Just in case you’d forgotten, a new special look at The King’s Man has arrived to remind you that the prequel is still coming to theaters, while hammering home the numerous connections between the anachronistic World War I adventure and the high octane antics of Taron Egerton’s Eggsy a century later.

It’s about time we saw something new from Matthew Vaughn’s return to the world of espionage, which spent the majority of 2020 lingering in theatrical limbo. In fact, The King’s Man has been so long coming that shooting initially wrapped in early 2019. The third installment in the subversive spy series was set to hit the big screen in November of that year, before being pushed to February 2020.

Of course, the pandemic came along and saw it pushed to last September, and then once again to February of this year. As a result of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four reshuffle, the Disney-owned Kingsman brand then upped sticks and shifted to August, before being kicked back one last time to December 22nd.

The King’s Man has faced such a wait that when Vaughn called action he was working on a Fox production, but the R-rated saga is now being distributed by the Mouse House via its rebranded 20th Century Studios subsidiary. Let’s hope that the seventh release date marks the charm, because the director will certainly be banking on it becoming a massive hit when it was revealed last year that plans are already tentatively in place for another seven movies and a TV show built out from the Kingsman universe. On the plus side, the latest installment looks like it’s going to be a whole lot of fun.