Watch: Netflix shares foul-mouthed ‘Red Notice’ blooper reel


Smash hit blockbuster Red Notice is a staunchly PG-13 movie, dropping in a solitary F-bomb to maintain that rating, but once you see the blooper reel that was uploaded by Netflix Film Club, you get the impression that director Rawson Marshall Thurber would have had a hard time in the editing room cutting around all the profanity.

Of course, many enterprising online sleuths will have seen the outtakes already, thanks to an ingenious slice of cross-promotion buried within the film. About an hour into Red Notice, a QR code appears as Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds secure their invite to an exclusive event in Valencia, where they seek to heist the second Cleopatra Egg.

Eagle-eyed viewers could then scan the code into their own devices to watch the foul-mouthed misadventures of the star-studded cast, but for those of us who wouldn’t have even thought to do that, the footage has now been uploaded for all to see.

The first thing that comes to mind is that Reynolds wasn’t lying when he said he and Johnson ruined countless takes from laughing so much, because the two A-listers can barely keep it together. Which is just as well, because their undeniable chemistry papers over many of the flaws in Red Notice‘s plot, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming the platform’s most watched original feature ever.