Watch: New ‘Doctor Strange 2’ takes a trip through the mad multiverse

This latest clip from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness well and truly sees the film live up to its title as the short sneak peek reveals the titular sorcerer being pulled through multiple universes, taking on various forms in the process. While previous clips have focused on the action, this brief 23-second glimpse offers a hint at the wall-to-wall weirdness that is to come. Check it out via the video above.

The clip features Benedict Cumberbatch’s Master of the Mystic Arts protecting new ally America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) as they embark on a trip — trip being the operative word — through some mind-bending alternate realities, including one that breaks them down into blocks and another that transforms them into paint-like fluids.

We then get even faster visits to a range of more three-dimensional worlds, including ones that appear noir and cyberpunk-themed (the Marvel Noir and 2099 universes? Could be). They eventually land somewhere that could be the regular MCU dimension (or might not), where Strange takes a much-needed moment to readjust and check that they’re both no worse for wear.

This clip acts as a terrific tease at what we’ve got coming our way this weekend, as these wild journeys through the multiverse should make for an awesome spectacle on the big screen. What’s more, if we’re already studying this sneak peek for clues at crossovers, just think what an overload of easter eggs and fan-pleasing moments the full-length film will be. There has to be plenty more surprises to come, even if Kevin Feige does think the trailers have spoiled a little too much.

Speaking of, those wishing to remain spoiler-free should be careful on social media, as some major leaks have already dropped and Marvel is going into lockdown on Twitter. At least there’s not long now until we can see it for ourselves as Doctor Strange 2 is in cinemas this Friday.