WB Reportedly Blames Zack Snyder For Justice League’s Poor Performance


Insiders, analysts, historians, scholars and fans will all be sifting through the wreckage of Justice League for years to come, with a line finally set to be drawn under the story when the Snyder Cut premieres on HBO Max next week.

It’s taken a whole lot of money and just as much effort to even get to this stage, and fingers of blame have been pointed everywhere by various parties. We thought the only reason Zack Snyder had stepped away from the project in the first place was due to a family tragedy, but in recent interviews, the director has admitted that he was at loggerheads with the studio almost from day one.

They wanted Justice League to be more light-hearted and comedic after the polarizing reception to Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which very much isn’t Snyder’s style. Joss Whedon was better equipped to handle that sort of tone, but after reshooting 75% of the movie under the watchful eye and specific instructions of the Warner Bros. brass, one executive has since called the theatrical edition a piece of sh*t.

We’re still no closer to finding out exactly who can be blamed for Justice League being such a terrible movie that flopped at the box office, but tipster Mikey Sutton is now claiming that Snyder has been named internally as the culprit. As per his report, the studio felt that the DCEU’s team-up blockbuster was unsalvageable even before Whedon stepped in, and there are admittedly no guarantees that Snyder’s upcoming streaming exclusive is going to be great.

It’s almost certainly going to be vastly superior to Whedon’s version, but it’s telling that WB had no interest in making the Snyder Cut a reality until they realized it was a surefire way to drive up subscriber numbers for their new platform.