WB Reportedly Discussing A Raiden Mortal Kombat Spinoff

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat has proven to be a smash hit for Warner Bros. Though it’s not exactly critically acclaimed – its Rotten Tomatoes score is sitting at just 55% – fans of the video game franchise are loving it, as can be seen from its audience score on RT, the much higher 87%. That positive reception has fuelled it to break HBO Max’s records as well and it’s earned more views in its first three days on the platform then Godzilla vs. Kong did in its first five.

All that’s to say that the studio must be working on ways to give the Mortal Kombat universe the Marvel/DC treatment in order to capitalize on this first film’s success. A range of spinoffs seems like a distinct possibility, then. Maybe even a solo outing for Raiden. That’s what we’re hearing from our sources, in fact, the same ones who told us HBO Max was developing a Green Lantern series before it was announced.

Specifically, we’ve been informed that Warner Bros. is “discussing” a possible spinoff for Raiden, so this is very much still in the early stages and just a concept they’re floating around internally at the moment. This follows on from our previous intel that the studio is also looking at doing spinoffs for Sonya Blade, Scorpion and Kung Lao as well, which goes to show that WB is considering every option at this point before they properly commit to certain projects.

You can see why a Raiden spinoff could be a smart move, though. He’s probably one of the most recognizable faces from the franchise to a general audience and we all know that Gods of Thunder have proven to be big box office winners over the past decade. There’s also room to massively expand the character, as played by Tadanobu Asano, after he didn’t get a whole lot to do in the new movie.

While we wait to see what happens on the spinoff front, a Mortal Kombat sequel – likely featuring Johnny Cage and maybe Kitana, too – seems all but confirmed.