WB Reportedly Eyeing Spider-Man Star To Play DCEU’s Tim Drake

Robin Tim Drake

He may be Marvel’s Spider-Man, but Tom Holland has made it known in the past that he’d love to play Batman for DC. The British actor might not be a great fit for the Dark Knight, if we’re being honest, but he is a pretty perfect candidate to play one of the Robins. And, as it turns out, Holland could just end up being the Boy Wonder in the DCEU.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us that both a Green Lantern and Justice League Dark show were in the works for HBO Max, and that Viola Davis would return in The Suicide Squad – Warner Bros. is eyeing Holland – among other actors – to play Tim Drake. We don’t know exactly where in their plans Drake factors in, but it’d make sense if it’s somewhere in Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe.

Drake is the third orphan to take on the mantle of Robin in the comics, following Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. Children of the 90s will have grown up with the character, thanks to The New Batman Adventures animated series. Unlike Grayson and Todd, however, Drake has yet to make his live-action debut, let alone make an appearance in a movie, so having him turn up in a future film would be a big deal.

Zack Snyder recently revealed that he intended to make Carrie Kelley the DCEU’s Robin, but now that he’s not directly involved with the franchise it’s not surprising that plans have changed. Of course, we’ve also heard that Dick Grayson will be introduced soon as well, but it’s unknown which one we’ll see on the big screen first.

As mentioned above, Holland is just one of several actors being eyed for the part, so there’s no guarantee he’ll get it, but it certainly sounds like Tim Drake is coming to the DCEU, and how exciting is that?