WB Reportedly Willing To Give Amber Heard More Screen Time In Aquaman 2 Now


Aquaman 2 is on course to shoot very soon ahead of its arrival in theaters next year, and just before cameras start rolling, it looks like we finally know that Amber Heard will definitely be the movie’s co-lead once again. Various stories have swirled about the Mera actress potentially having her role reduced for the sequel, due to all the controversy surrounding her on social media, but it appears that this is no longer happening.

According to a new rumor shared by tipster Daniel Richtman, Warner Bros. has promised Heard that she’ll get more screen time in Aquaman 2, much as she had previously asked for, because – in Richtman’s words – “everything has cleared.” It’s been said in the past that a few other prominent female characters will feature in the follow-up, possibly threatening Heard’s status, but Richtman claims that WB has assured her that these other heroines won’t impact on her screen time and she’ll definitely be the film’s co-lead.

If this intel proves to be accurate, then it looks like all the speculation over the actress’ role in the DCEU being in turmoil ultimately came to nothing. It was definitely touch and go for a while there, but the courts having come down in her favor over her legal battles with Johnny Depp certainly helped her case. Obviously, Depp’s supporters continue to criticize Heard online, but it looks like WB isn’t paying that much attention to the #Justice4Johnny campaigners.

This info fits with the way Amber Heard has been hyping up her return as the Atlantean princess on social media of late, too, sharing the odd throwback photo to filming on the first movie or training pics teasing her getting back into shape to play Mera.

A specific start date has yet to be confirmed, but we do know that the James Wan production is due to shoot in the UK this summer. Aquaman 2 then swims into cinemas in December 2022.