WB Reportedly Doesn’t Want To Use Ray Fisher In Any More DCEU Movies

Image via DC Films

Ray Fisher went from the forgotten man of the DCEU to a constant thorn in the side of the Warner Bros. hierarchy, stemming from his run-ins with Joss Whedon during the director’s extensive Justice League reshoots. Fisher publicly blasted the filmmaker for his abusive behavior on set, leading to several former collaborators coming forward with similar claims dating back years, or even decades.

The Cyborg star was so determined to see Whedon held accountable for what he’d done that he invited legal action if the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly creator’s representatives could prove that what he was saying wasn’t true. This led to the studio launching an investigation of their own into the allegations, which concluded with them deciding that there was no evidence of wrongdoing, essentially labeling the actor a liar in the process.

However, Fisher wouldn’t back down and continued to fight the good fight, receiving the backing of many of his peers along the way. Now, the 33 year-old has released a statement on social media saying he won’t ever return to the comic book franchise as long as Walter Hamada is involved, which means it might be the end of the line for Cyborg given that Hamada is the current president of DC Films.

After Fisher made his stance very clear, insider Grace Randolph said that Warner Bros. don’t plan on using him in any of their future projects anyway, even though he was recently in talks to return to the fold in The Flash.

Ray Fisher doesn’t want to be in the DCEU with Hamada calling the shots and from the looks of things, the higher ups don’t want him back. So at this point, it seems like it’s goodbye to Cyborg. Unless the role ends up being recast, of course.