WB Reportedly Wants Robert Pattinson’s Batman To Marry [SPOILERS]

The Batman

Batman may be about to tie the knot on the big screen. The Dark Knight has had various love interests across his many movie outings, but so far he’s only been married to his job as Gotham’s protector. This could change in one of the sequels to The Batman, however, as new intel is pointing to Warner Bros. apparently looking to have Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne get hitched. And the character who might end up as his bride will not be a surprise to fans.

We’ve heard from our sources this week – the same ones who previously told us about Netflix’s plans for Extraction 2 before the film was announced – that the studio wants Pattinson’s Caped Crusader to marry Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman in The Batman movies. We don’t know the reasoning behind this, but apparently it’s something they’re keen on. Of course, we also know that Pattinson wants multiple love interests in the franchise, and it seems he’ll be linked to a few partners before he eventually settles down.

Presumably, the studio is inspired by the major Batman/Catwoman engagement storyline in recent DC comics. Bruce and Selina Kyle getting engaged gained a lot of widespread interest, helping to increase sales, although it ultimately turned out to be a bit of a fakeout, as Selina elected not to go through with the wedding in the end. This decision caused a lot of controversy amongst fans, too, so maybe WB hopes to avoid that this time and actually have the Bat and the Cat say “I do.”

Again, this might not necessarily be what Reeves and Pattinson want for the character, but it’s something we’re hearing the studio is pushing for. In any case, Pattinson’s Bruce and Kravitz’s Selina will meet for the first time in The Batman, which is due to hit theaters on November 4th, 2022.