WB Reportedly Still Worried That Ezra Miller’s Scandals Will Come To Light

Ezra Miller

It’s been a decade since Ezra Miller first gained mainstream attention thanks to an incredible breakout performance in psychological thriller We Need to Talk About Kevin, and the actor has since gone on to deliver strong turns in films like The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Stanford Prison Experiment, as well as spending almost seven years under contract as the DCEU’s Flash, but they’re still just 28 years old.

The shared superhero universe’s Barry Allen is also part of another marquee Warner Bros. franchise as Fantastic Beasts‘ Credence Barebone, but there was talk last year that they could end up losing both roles after a video showing them choking out a female fan in Iceland spread like wildfire across the internet, leading to calls from fans that they be dropped from the DCEU and the Wizarding World.

Plenty of rumors said that their days were numbered, but given that Fantastic Beasts 3 wrapped a few months back and production on The Flash is in full swing, it’s safe to say the tales of Ezra Miller‘s imminent demise were wide of the mark. However, a new leak, that admittedly originated on Reddit but comes from a source with a decent enough inside track record, claims that the studio are still worried about the scandal coming to light.

“Coming to light” is a strange term to use, when all it takes is a YouTube or Google search to find the offending footage in question, and the whole thing appears to have long since blown over. Of course, knowing the way the internet operates these days, we can almost surely expect outraged social media users to dredge it back up when Fantastic Beasts 3 and The Flash are edging closer to release.

Source: Reddit

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