Ezra Miller Might Be Dropped From The Fantastic Beasts Series As Well

ezra miller in character in “fantastic beasts”
Warner Bros. Discovery

The old adage used to be that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but with social media now providing the means for virtually every transgression to be shared around the world in a matter of minutes, that no longer seems to be the case. Ezra Miller became the latest star to find themselves trending for all the wrong reasons after a video surfaced of him apparently choking a fan, and the footage could end up having a hugely detrimental effect on his career.

Fans were shocked, and immediately went online to demand that the actor be fired from his role as the Flash, which we’ve heard is a definite possibility given the severity of the incident. However, we’ve since been informed by our sources – the same ones that told us that the Mask would be making a cameo appearance in Space Jam 2, before it was confirmed via leaked footage – that the DCEU isn’t the only Warner Bros. franchise that Miller could end up losing out on.

According to our intel, as well as replacing him as Barry Allen, the studio are also considering dropping him from the Fantastic Beasts series if this scandal doesn’t blow over, and may even end up killing him off in the third movie. His character, Credence Barebone, has been established as a pivotal part of the Wizarding World prequel series’ narrative, even more so with the divisive twist in The Crimes of Grindelwald that actually revealed him to be Aurelius Dumbledore. But from what we’ve heard, this video is pretty concerning and the actor could be on his way out of the franchise.

WB previously faced backlash when they opted to keep Johnny Depp onboard and surely they don’t want any more negative headlines surrounding a series that already seems to be treading water with fans, which makes Miller a big liability at the moment. The controversial video was shot in Iceland, where production on Fantastic Beasts 3 is set to kick off once they get the all-clear, and while nothing has been decided upon just yet, we’re told that the studio has definitely had discussions about removing the actor.

In any case, at just 27 years old with starring roles in two of Warner Bros.’ biggest franchises, the sky appeared to be the limit for Ezra Miller as the studio’s golden boy, but this incident looks like it could alter the trajectory of both the DCEU and Fantastic Beasts, as well as have a profound effect on his future.