WB Reportedly Considering Letting Zack Snyder Make Another DC Movie

Batman V Superman Snyder

The talk surrounding the Snyder Cut of Justice League just isn’t going away, despite the fact that we’re now two and a half years removed from the movie’s theatrical release, and the DCEU has since moved forward and started to quietly reboot itself in an effort to distance their upcoming projects from Zack Snyder‘s tenure as the architect of the franchise’s early years.

That being said, fans don’t seem to be letting the Snyder Cut go until they actually see it with their own eyes, with some of the movie’s cast and crew already having had the chance and reports circulating that say the mythical version of Justice League is definitely back on the table and could end up seeing the light of day as a marketing ploy, should subscriber numbers for HBO Max fail to hit initial targets.

Furthermore, we’ve now heard that Warner Bros. are even considering allowing the filmmaker to adapt one of their comic book properties again, but there’s a catch. You see, they’ll only allow it so as long as it takes place outside of the DCEU.

According to our sources – the same ones who said Green Lantern and Justice League Dark shows are coming to HBO Max, and that Diana will get her Golden Eagle armor in Wonder Woman 1984, all of which were correct – Snyder and some higher-ups at the studio have held off the record talks about him returning to the world of DC and they’ve discussed having him helm a standalone movie set outside of the main continuity, similar to Todd Phillips’ Joker. This way, he’d still get to bring his vision for these characters and their stories to life, but in a manner that wouldn’t interfere with the main DCEU.

While there’s no further information at this time in regards to what kind of project Snyder might have in mind, it’d be an Elseworlds-style tale and we’re told that the director would be allowed to go “as dark and wild as he wants” with the film. Which would certainly excite those who’ve been longing to see Zack Snyder‘s cut of Justice League for years now. But again, there’ve only been talks of this happening and at this point, only time will tell if it ever comes to fruition.