We Got Netflix Covered: The Cosmos, A Prince, And An Aged Jackass…


Welcome back to our recurring recommendation article, We Got Netflix Covered, a place where numerous writers will be discussing their specific genre-based favorites that you can stream on Netflix Watch Instantly this very second. To prove that we certainly do have this covered, we’ve developed a list of genres that we’ll be providing recommendations for every week – 11 total genres – and the writers responsible for each section have been established. While these might change week to week, here’s today’s roster:

Independent: Sarah Myles
Classics: Lauren Humphries-Brooks
Television: Eric Hall (no entry this week)
Action & Adventure: James Garcia (no entry this week)
Foreign: Paulo Lazo
Documentaries: Adam Donaldson
Dramas: Isaac Feldberg (no entry this week)
Horror: Matt Donato
Family/Children’s Movies: Christian Law (no entry this week)
Comedies: Gem Seddon
Sci-Fi: Al Lowe (no entry this week)

Look at those names – a real “almost” Dirty Dozen if I do say so myself. Enough chatting though, let’s see which Netflix movies you should be streaming this week!

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