We Got This Covered’s Top 10 Movies Of 2014



2014, though not the strongest year for film in recent memory, certainly provided many memorable titles that we’re all eager to watch again. While it’s hard to say that there was one definitive movie that absolutely blew everyone away this past year, there were a rather large handful that made a strong impact on the film community.

As you’ve surely seen by this point, the review team at We Got This Covered have all given you their own personal best of lists. Now, however, we’ve compiled one more top 10 taking into account each individual writer’s picks. What you’ll see here is our collective choices for the best that 2014 had to offer. Whether it be superhero films, innovative indies, thought-provoking sci-fi or animated wonders, the following 10 movies are what the We Got This Covered team feels are representative of cinema’s highest points in 2014.


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