‘We’ll all find out together’: Mark Hamill done with de-aging, but not necessarily finished with ‘Star Wars’

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The heavy reliance on nostalgia that’s blighted much of the Disney-driven era of Star Wars has proven to be plenty polarizing among old and new fans alike, but Mark Hamill seemed to enjoy getting back into the swing of things as peak Luke Skywalker in the season 2 finale of The Mandalorian.

There arguably wasn’t any need to have him swing by The Book of Boba Fett for any other reason than nostalgia, though, but does that mean the legendary figurehead of the original trilogy is done for good? Depends who you ask, because Hamill wasn’t willing to give anything away in an interview with Esquire, when he was quizzed about potentially returning yet again for the in-development blockbuster set to be headlined by Daisy Ridley’s Rey.

Mark Hamill/Max Lloyd-Jones as Luke Skywalker in 'The Mandalorian'
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“One thing you learn working for Lucasfilm: everything is confidential. Everything is confidential. So, if I were involved, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. And if I were not involved, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. So, I don’t know. We’ll all find out together, I guess.”

That’s not a yes, and it’s far from being a no, either. It does at least make sense story-wise to have a Force Ghost of Luke Skywalker appear, seeing as Rey has co-opted his surname and used his teachings to inform the future of the Jedi Order. As much as we’d love to see Star Wars leave the past in the past for a change, one more cameo isn’t going to hurt the film’s chances of box office success, and since when has more Mark Hamill ever been a bad thing?

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