When will ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ arrive on streaming?

Thor Love and Thunder
Image via Marvel Studios

Marvel fans have finally received the fourth installment of the MCU’s Thor series in the form of Thor: Love and Thunder, which reunites the God of Thunder with his pals Valkyrie, Korg, and a super-powered Jane Foster. We know the highly anticipated film is playing in theaters everywhere, but when will fans have a chance to experience the action from the comfort of home?

Many would argue that Marvel films are best experienced at the cinema, but for many, the idea of relaxing on the couch and taking in the expansive world of the MCU can be just as gratifying. Fortunately, as streaming services have grown, so have the opportunities to view blockbuster hits in the privacy of our living rooms.

Here’s what we know about when Thor: Love and Thunder’s might release on streaming.

When can you stream Thor: Love and Thunder from home?

via Marvel Studios

Thor: Love and Thunder now has a date for when it will land on Disney Plus, and that date is Sept. 8.

This is a significant day for the streamer as it has been dubbed Disney Plus Day, and alongside Thor: Love and Thunder, there is plenty of other new content arriving on the service which you can check out here.

The distance between its theatrical debut and streaming arrival is somewhat standard for Marvel Studios falling between its predecessors Doctor Strange 2 and Eternals.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness landed on Disney Plus 47 days after it premiered in theaters. This was the quickest timeframe within which a Marvel film has made its way to streaming. Prior to that, Eternals made its Disney Plus premiere 70 days after release. Thor: Love and Thunder is set to arrive 64 days after it first arrived in theaters.

As for where you can watch the film, Thor: Love and Thunder will exclusively arrive on Disney Plus for streaming first alongside its digital release on iTunes, Google Play, and Prime Video.