Which Batman would win in a bat-fight?

Many actors have taken on the mantle of Batman over the years, and the count is soon to go up with Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of the Caped Crusader in The Batman next year. Michael Keaton is also set to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne next year in The Flash, ‘cuz that’s not confusing.

This Batman resurgence has us wondering who would win if all of the various Batmen came together and had an all-out brawl. Here’s our breakdown and ultimate verdict.

Michael Keaton

Set to reprise his role in The Flash, Michael Keaton was first cast as Batman in Tim Burton’s 1989 film Batman. Keaton’s Batman is probably the craziest one on this list. Not shying away from using machine guns or high-powered weaponry on his Batmobile, he’s a crusader with no hang-ups when it comes to ending a life, which might prove to be a plus in the battle of the bats. 

Val Kilmer

Only donning the cape and cowl once, Val Kilmer’s Batman starred in Batman Forever. Kilmer’s iteration of the character fought Two-Face and The Riddler and honestly spent more time dealing with psychological issues as Bruce Wayne than sinister foes. In a fight between these five, he probably wouldn’t get very far, as he’d be too in his head.

George Clooney

Another one-time Batman, George Clooney suited up for Batman and Robin and thankfully never donned it again. His Batman was lacking in anything that made the character what he’s become since and would definitely be punched in the face by one of the other Batmen the first chance they got. Though it’s nothing a bat-credit card wouldn’t be able to fix.

Christian Bale

Donning the cape and cowl three times in Christopher Nolan’s epic Dark Knight trilogy ⏤ which includes Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises ⏤ Christian Bale’s Batman faced more villains than anyone else on this list. He trained with the League of Assassins and bested The Joker and Bane. He definitely has what it takes to take the top spot, but he’s not a killer, which could end up holding him back. 

Ben Affleck

Batman Justice League

Our most recent Batman, Ben Affleck might be our most brutal Dark Knight, at least in close combat. First appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we know that this Caped Crusader has what it takes to take out Superman, but how would he do against four other Batmen at once? Chances are he would probably win the fight unless his opponents’ mothers happened to be named Martha. Then he’d be in trouble.

The Verdict

the Dark Knight

This fight would be a close one. Val Kilmer would punch George Clooney out and feel pretty good about it until they both get knocked out by Michael Keaton. Christian Bale would opt for a one-versus-one fight with Affleck while Affleck tries to take out everyone at once. Kilmer and Clooney would start crying for Martha and Ben Affleck would break down with them, leaving them all down for the count. That leaves Christian Bale and Michael Keaton. They would fight for a while and Bale would easily get the upper hand, but he would never be able to finish Keaton off, so while Keaton wouldn’t win, neither would Bale. It would end in a tie.

Which Batman do you think would win: Affleck, Bale, Clooney, Keaton, or Kilmer? Let us know in the comments!